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Server Details

Armagoons run two dedicated instances to play ARMA 3 on, any members are welcome to hop on and fire up the servers whenever they wish, the only time we restrict server access is in shutting down the second server on Saturday nights to dedicated all system resources to the main server. 

SRV1 - Main Server

This server is for our scheduled sessions running custom goon-made missions. It runs our full roster of mods and is also used to host The Firing Range, a sandbox mission for experimentation and practicing aspects of the game you may not be familiar with. We also use it for playing the Escape game mode and dynamic one shots such as DRO.

Name: SRV1


Port: 2302



SRV2 - Persistent Server

This server hosts our 3rd party persistent missions such as Antistasi, Overthrow or Liberation. These are heavily scripted and often have their own unique mechanics built into the mission so we run a slimmed down modset on this server to avoid conflicts and glitches. Interest in the persistent missions peaks and troughs on a month to month basis verging from quiet to people binging on taking over an island for days at a time. Keep an eye on discord to see of people are planning a long term run of a particular game type. 

Name: SRV2


Port: 2402


Teamspeak Server

We use Teamspeak for our in game voice comms in all our missions, you will need a copy of Teamspeak (free) to participate.. 

Host: ts3server://


Armasync Server

Armasync is the system we use to handle downloading and updating the repository of mods required to play on Armagoons servers. Please check the Armasync help page for more details.