RQ-11B Operations Manual

Reading this guide certifies you in the assembly and operation of the RQ-11B Raven SUAV (Small UAV) available to the US Armed Forces in RHS:USAF.

The Raven can be found in the Arsenal under Eagle A-III OCP (Raven)

Drop the backpack to the ground and select "Assemble RQ-11B Raven" in the menu.

Let the animation run its course

You have gained Raven Drone x1!

Now pick it up via the action menu.

And launch that shit like a major league baseball player.

Once the drone is in the air turn your attention towards the GCS on the ground and open the action menu.


  • DISPLAY CODE - Shows the code the GCS and Drone are keyed into. What usage that has I don't know.
  • CAMERA FEED - Does what it says on the tin. We'll be getting into that shortly.
  • NEW TARGET - When the drone is launched it will circle around the spot is was launched. This action lets you set a different position for it. Select it and then open the map.
  • RESET MARKERS - The drone returns to circling around you.
  • AUTOLAND - For when you want to get your buddy back on the ground.
  • MINICAM: ON - Opens a small (a really small) window in the right corner which lets you see what the drone sees.

This is the view you get from the Camera Feed.


Pressing J will give you a list of relevant commands.


  • [A][D] RADIUS - Controls how close/far the drone orbits around the target.
  • [W][S] ALTITUDE - Controls how low/high the drone is. 
  • [M] MARKER - Marks the spot the drone looks at on the map. Tag visibility most likely restricted to drone operator.
  • [N] VISION - Switched between Normal/NV/Thermal view modes.
  • [G] EXIT - Turns off the Camera feed.


  • [+][-] ZOOM - What it says on the tin.
  • [8,2,4,6] TARGET POSITION - Moves the reticule and the drone's location as well.
  • [7,1] TARGET HEIGHT - Increases/Decreases the height of the target reticule
  • [5] TARGET RESET - Resets/Centres the height.
  • [SHIFT 5] HOME - Resets the marker. (Possibly to UAV operator location. Can't remember)
  • [0] TARGET LOCK - Locks the marker onto something (Vehicle/Infantry) and follows it.
  • [,] TACTICAL LASER - Activates a laser pointer.
  • [(NUMPAD) ENTER] LASER DESG - Activates a laser designator.

What's really important to know here is that the RQ-11b Raven camera is controlled by your numpad keys. Which is also the keys you use to change radio channels in TFAR. You may need to remind the latter or adding a Ctrl/Alt/Shift prefix to them in the Controls menu if you want to be able to use the drone without a headache.

Same goes with any other keybinds allocated to the RQ-11b Raven controls. Pressing those will activate whatever it might be bound too. So if you have Holster Weapon bound to G exiting the feed will holster your gun.

RQ-11b Raven retrieval

  • Select autoland from the GCS menu.
  • Wait for the drone to land. It will emit a steady beep to guide you to it's landing spot.
  • Drop the GCS next to the drone.
  • Select "Disassemble RQ-11B Raven"
  • Wait for the animation to play out in reverse.
  • Get the backpack in your inventory once done.