Something Awful members have been playing ArmA together since there was an ArmA to play. We play twice a week using a core modset of ACE, TFR, RHS and CUP terrains (and many others), with casual play sessions throughout the week. We host our own dedicated servers and custom mod repository, making getting setup and in game easy. On top of this, ARMAGOONS boasts a strong roster of talented mission makers, who provide high quality missions scaling in various difficulties, players, and terrains. While we do try to play in a tactical manner, we have no interest in the “roleplay” that can be found in other communities. Our main goal at ARMAGOONS is working together and having fun . We have no Chain of Command, skill barrier, or mandatory training, and you'll most certainly never be told to call another player "Sir". All we ask is that players communicate, try their best, and be excellent to each other.


What We Do

Persistent Operations

Persistent Operations are long term, self managing missions which generate tasks and goals on the fly as part as an overarching campaign. Unlike our Saturday Sessions, Persistent Operations are always running (Hence the name) and have no set play time requirements, meaning anyone can jump in and out at any time, and contribute as much or as little as they desire. To encourage player collaboration, we tend to run one Persistent Operation at a time, and regularly rotate the active Operation every month or so to keep things fresh. Persistent Operations are lower impact than our main sessions, and give players a bit more freedom in how they wish to approach things.


Custom Missions  

Handmade missions constructed by our in house editors, with a wide variety of goals, difficulties, and settings, where players will have to work together to complete the mission (and not get too killed along the way). Our missions tend to involve 20-30 players, performing multiple roles across several squads. Everybody with a creative flair and a penchant for scripting is welcome to create and submit missions, giving our players access to a cornucopia of challenging scenarios, be it rescuing trapped UN troops in the war torn streets of Takistan, painstakingly crawling through minefields to reach dug in Altian Insurgents, or even stumbling through forests in the deep dark night wearing only a ghillie suit, on the run from shotgun toting hillbillies who want to capture you…for reasons…


One session a week not enough for your hungry heart? ARMAGOONS also offers Mission of the Month (MOTM) sessions, where players can get together and play some of our more lighthearted, “casual” missions, such as “Escape”, "Bulwark", "Insurgency" or “Dynamic Recon Ops".

While on Saturdays we play a multitude of different missions, MOTM sessions are either usually about a single, long , "Persistent Mission", or quicker randomized missions. Meant to encourage people to jump in and out whenever they desire. This is perfect for players in other time zones, or those who have difficulty showing up on other days due to previous obligations. MOTM games usually whenever during weekends and weekdays. Check discord for any interest.

MOTM Sessions are a perfect opportunity to experiment with the various weapons and vehicles we have on offer (or to try out that movement drill you’re pretty certain will get the whole squad killed) in a much more relaxed, slower paced environment. Feel free to stop by and shoot as many procedurally generated terrorists as you can!


Every Saturday from 9PM UTC Goons from around the world gather to be terrible at ArmA. Varying from week to week, roughly 8-12 players navigate through a multitude of missions, ranging from armored assaults, to stealthy extractions, and more.

Missions are typically chosen either via special request, or by how many players are currently on, however brand new missions are usually given a maiden run, as well as classics that have been recently updated or refreshed. Missions vary wildly from small to medium scale operations, usually involving infantry or combined arms, to less serious, often bizarre, missions that tend to be both hilarious and entertaining.

There’s no strict time requirement, and sessions tend to last for about 4-5 hours, continuing until the last couple of players leaves. If medium scale ops in a semi serious environment is what you're after, our Saturday Sessions can't be beat.



Thanks to ArmA’s rich mod scene, we’re able to utilise a multitude of mods that take the game well beyond the standard vanilla experience. Using our hosted mod repository, getting setup is a breeze, and in no time you’ll be able to join our servers where you can fire, fly, and drive the most impressive technology the world’s militaries have to offer.

  • Task Force Arrowhead Radio is a fully functional radio commuication simulator that replaces in the game voice communication with real in game radios. Radio signals degrade over distance and are even affected by terrain, adding a whole new level to local, squad, and air communications.

  • Travel beyond Altis and Tanoa! CUPS terrains allows ARMAGOONS to operate in the dense forests of Bystrica, the harsh deserts of Takistan or even the nauseatingly high mountain ranges of Sahrani. Additional smaller scale maps allow for detailed cities with intricate building layouts, for urban MOUT operations, adding even more ways to play!
  • ACE is THE ArmA total conversion mod. ACE funadmentally changes many aspects of ARMA, re-tuning ballistics physics, enhancing vehical mechanics, and adding a complex Medical and Wound system. ACE increases overall realism, while also ironing out many of the kinks from the vanilla game. ACE adds a multitude of new mechanics, all accessible through an intuitive, context sensitive, first person HUD. All this combined provides a fundamental difference to vanilla play, and brings even more life to ArmA 
  • While ARMA is set in the not to distant future with original weapons and vehicles, the modders at RHS have painstakingly created the firearms, vehicles and tools of todays USAF, RFAF and more! Operate efficiently using real world guns modeled accurately in high detail with a mind boggling level of variety. With RHS, you'll never run out of toys to play with.


Unlike groups who specialize in solo play, or round based TvT style missions, ARMAGOONS mission based approach allows players opportunities to play varied, specialized, roles on a mission to mission basis. There is no obligation to stick to any one role, and players are encouraged to play whatever they feel like at that moment. On the other hand, some of our members have a natural flair for the skills required by specific roles, and make a goal of being the best pilot, marksman or commanding officer, helping the whole group be an even more effective fighting force.

  • Command

    Fireteam Leader, Squad Leader, Commander

  • Infantry

    Rifleman, Grenadier, Recon

  • Specialist

    Marksman, Demolitions, Breacher

  • Armor

    APCs, Tanks, Ordinance Batteries

  • Pilot

    Logistics, C.A.S, DT Support

  • Support

    Field Medic, Engineer, RTO

  • Weapons Team

    Machine Gunner, Mortar, Anti Tank



The best way to find out more about ARMAGOONS is to hop on our discord and speak with current members and administration. If you are a member of the Something Awful forums, you can view the thread we maintain there in the PGS board. We accommodate all levels of skill and amounts of free time. All we ask for is a chill disposition, a good attitude and a desire to have fun. Once you've done that, please feel free to check out our getting started guide to start you off playing as soon as possible.